Zarroc Sword of Eragon Movie Replica

eragon, eragon sword, eragon sword zar roc, movie sword, sword of eragon, sword replica, zar'roc, zar'roc swordEragon is a 2006 fantasy-adventure movie with lots of CGI effects but it didn't come anywhere close to The Lord of The Rings success trail. Instead, it was named the 10th worst reviewed movie of 2006 on Rotten Tomatoes, and the 31st highest grossing movie of 2006 in the States. That aside, I was only interested in Rachel Weisz who lent her voice for Saphira the dragon. She'd make one hell of a hot dragon among their kind. The film is loosely based on the novel with the same name by author Christopher Paolini. The movie was directed by Stefen Fangmeier (his directing debut), who had previously worked as a visual effects director on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

eragon, eragon sword, eragon sword zar roc, movie sword, sword of eragon, sword replica, zar'roc, zar'roc swordEragon is a farm boy in his late-teens who lives in a small village named Carvahall in the fictional and magical country of Alagaesia, where dragons and other magical creatures wander. One day while hunting, Eragon finds a dragon egg from which hatches a blue dragon named Saphira. Eragon decides to keep Saphira a secret, but a pair of magical creatures called The Razac are sent by the King of Alagaesia, Galbatorix, to find Eragon and the dragon. Eragon flees home, and later returns to find his uncle Garrow murdered by the Razac. With vengeance in his heart, he sets out on a journey to avenge his uncle. Accompanied by a wise storyteller named Brom, Eragon and Saphira take up the legacy of legendary Dragon Riders. He learns magic, swordfighting, and dragon-riding to fulfill the legend of the dragon riders and his destiny, to help over throw the Empire and it's tyrant king, Galbatorix. Eragon is also given a mighty sword named Zar'roc by Brom. Frankly I slept through half the movie cause the storyline is so predictable. The only merit of the fantasy flick is the beautiful Zar'roc sword.

eragon, eragon sword, eragon sword zar roc, movie sword, sword of eragon, sword replica, zar'roc, zar'roc swordZar'roc was originally created by an elf named Rhunon, the smith of the Dragon Riders. The sword belonged to Morzan, but was taken by Brom after his death. Before Morzan's death, Zar'roc was feared by many as his ultimate weapon. It also symbolized agony and betrayal, as Morzan had killed many Riders with Zar'roc. Brom gave the sword to Eragon, although he refrained from telling him the blade's history. The history of Zar'roc was eventually revealed to Eragon by Murtagh while they were traveling to the Varden. Eragon used Zar'roc to defeat Durza, a Shade of immense power, in the Battle under Farthen Dur. After defeating Eragon at the Battle of the Burning Plains, Murtagh claimed Zar'roc as his own, declaring that Morzan's sword should have gone to him, the oldest son of Morzan, and not Eragon, the youngest. "Zar'roc" in the ancient language means "misery".

eragon, eragon sword, eragon sword zar roc, movie sword, sword of eragon, sword replica, zar'roc, zar'roc swordAs expected, there are several inconsistencies between the movie adaptation and the book. Zar'roc has a ruby embedded into the hilt, however in the Eragon movie it instead is a sapphire. Morzan's insignia appears on neither the sheath nor the blade in the movie. The sheath is also black rather than wine-red, like in the book. What's more is that the handle of the sword is leather-black, not silver-wrapped like in the book.

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The Zar'roc Sword of Eragon Movie Replica by Top Swords is one of the most eye-catching movie swords ever created due to the colour combinations used in its design. Just check out the image below and you'll notice instantly the red blade with a central ridge and the striking blue crystal pommel. The guard is casted as two dragon heads with long horns, and its surface is engraved to replicate the dragon's scale. The Zar'roc Movie Sword replica has an overall length of 51 inch. Its blade is made of stainless steel with a central ridge. A wooden display plaque is included with the sword, not forgetting the cerfiticate of authenticity since it is a licensed reproduction from the movie. That alone will give you a hint of its price tag, get ready to part with at least $150.

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If 51 inch is just too long for you (hehe), there is always the shorter movie sword set with a stand. And you get not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 Mini Sword reproductions from the movie. This Eragon Mini Movie Sword Set comes with 5 extremely detailed miniature swords - Zar'roc, Sword of Galbatorix, Sword of Brom, Sword of Arya, and Sword of Durza. Each measures an overall length of 12.75 inch. A custom display stand holds all the mini swords in place and a certificate of authenticity is also included.

Zarroc Sword of Eragon Movie Replica

Star Wars R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot

Happy New Year everyone! This is my first post for 2009, and it's not about swords for once. I was surfing for cool gifts for the holidays like everyone else and stumbled upon several stunning items. But I would have to say one of the coolest is the Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot. Check it out if you still have some budget left. Myself, I'm all dried out.

Bring Home Your Own Astromech Droid
Celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary by inviting this movie-accurate droid into your life. Once the loyal companion to Queen Amdala, this utility droid is programmed to be your devoted helper and friend. Help him get ready to serve you by snapping his steering legs into place and attaching the projector piece to his domed top. You'll need to use a Phillips screwdriver to insert four "AA" batteries and four "D" cell batteries in his side.

More than 15-inches tall, this sophisticated R2-D2 model boasts a secret cargo compartment, a unique swing-down utility arm that's also a beverage holder, a removable sensor scope, a working light beam, sound-processing microphones, and an adaptable droid mood-status indicator. Sonar navigational technology and infrared location sensors help make him one the most advanced droids around.

Take Advantage of Three Interactive Modes
Intergalactic missions will be more fun with a reliable droid at your side. In companion mode, R2-D2 responds to commands like "Go on patrol," "Light Beam," and "Play Message." Star Wars movie fans are sure to appreciate the accuracy of the messages, which are culled from famous missions he remembers.

You can even ask R2 about friends including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Jabba the Hutt. He has a different reaction to each name based on his "feelings" for the characters. And if you hit R2 on the head, he'll make irritated beeping sounds and try to move away from you. As you get to know your droid, you'll realize that the noises and motions he makes correspond to his "mood."

In game mode, R2 responds to more complicated commands. He'll act as a sentry to protect your important stuff, dance to cantina music, spin around, or play light tag. The third mode is the most complex. This command mode lets you give pointed directions that control R2's movements. Tell him to turn left and right or go forward whenever you want, or set a preprogrammed course for him to follow.

While R2 responded to simple commands with no problems, we had difficulty getting him to respond reliably to more complex requests. We trust that, like with any voice-operated electronic system, over time it will get easier to produce a wider range of commands that R2 consistently responds to. Until then, his movie-accurate look, the way he responds to simple commands, and the convenient beverage holder make him a fun comrade.

What's in the Box
Droid body, two steering legs, projector piece, telescope piece with sensory array, and an operation manual.

Star Wars R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot