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Star Wars R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot

Happy New Year everyone! This is my first post for 2009, and it's not about swords for once. I was surfing for cool gifts for the holidays like everyone else and stumbled upon several stunning items. But I would have to say one of the coolest is the Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot. Check it out if you still have some budget left. Myself, I'm all dried out.

Bring Home Your Own Astromech Droid
Celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary by inviting this movie-accurate droid into your life. Once the loyal companion to Queen Amdala, this utility droid is programmed to be your devoted helper and friend. Help him get ready to serve you by snapping his steering legs into place and attaching the projector piece to his domed top. You'll need to use a Phillips screwdriver to insert four "AA" batteries and four "D" cell batteries in his side.

More than 15-inches tall, this sophisticated R2-D2 model boasts a secret cargo compartment, a unique swing-down utility arm that's also a beverage holder, a removable sensor scope, a working light beam, sound-processing microphones, and an adaptable droid mood-status indicator. Sonar navigational technology and infrared location sensors help make him one the most advanced droids around.

Take Advantage of Three Interactive Modes
Intergalactic missions will be more fun with a reliable droid at your side. In companion mode, R2-D2 responds to commands like "Go on patrol," "Light Beam," and "Play Message." Star Wars movie fans are sure to appreciate the accuracy of the messages, which are culled from famous missions he remembers.

You can even ask R2 about friends including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, Darth Vader, and Jabba the Hutt. He has a different reaction to each name based on his "feelings" for the characters. And if you hit R2 on the head, he'll make irritated beeping sounds and try to move away from you. As you get to know your droid, you'll realize that the noises and motions he makes correspond to his "mood."

In game mode, R2 responds to more complicated commands. He'll act as a sentry to protect your important stuff, dance to cantina music, spin around, or play light tag. The third mode is the most complex. This command mode lets you give pointed directions that control R2's movements. Tell him to turn left and right or go forward whenever you want, or set a preprogrammed course for him to follow.

While R2 responded to simple commands with no problems, we had difficulty getting him to respond reliably to more complex requests. We trust that, like with any voice-operated electronic system, over time it will get easier to produce a wider range of commands that R2 consistently responds to. Until then, his movie-accurate look, the way he responds to simple commands, and the convenient beverage holder make him a fun comrade.

What's in the Box
Droid body, two steering legs, projector piece, telescope piece with sensory array, and an operation manual.

Star Wars R2D2 Interactive Droid Robot

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  1. astrogalaxy Says:

    Happy New Year Jason,
    Your R2D2 interactive post is COOL!
    This is the toy I've been eyeing!
    Have a great year in 2009.

  2. Pete Says:

    Hi Jason, thks for dropping by my blog. I tried to comment on the link you provided but could not open you comment box. You might want to check out the bug there. I have added your link in my blog Hope you do likewise. Thks

  3. Maria Shaun Says:

    i love the robot wars its my favorite one thanks for mentioned its complete detail.