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Grimmjow Pantera Sword Replica - Bleach

espada number six grimmjow pantera sword replica zanpakutou release grind
Finally the Bleach anime series is back on track to Hueco Mundo after the long exhausting filler episodes. It's about time cause the pre-filler episodes where Ichigo battled it out with Grimmjow was jaw-breaking and fans were all hyped-up with the increasing excitement, only to be killed off by weeks of filler intrusion. Now that it's all over, guess what?

Halloween is just around the corner and if you decided to be Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, all eyes are on you. Not everyone is worthy (or brave enough) to wear Grimmjow-sama's gear. Why? You got to have 6-packs and not afraid of mosquitoes. And most critical of all, you must have a Grimmjow Pantera Sword replica.

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques (pronounced Gurimujo Jagajakku in Japanese) is the sixth Espada acknowledged by the number "6" tattooed onto his back. His character is one that is proud, fearless and impulsive but honourable nevertheless. Before becoming an arrancar, Grimmjow was an adjuchas class menos with a panther-like physique. In his quest to become stronger and more powerful, Grimmjow wandered Hueco Mundo hunting other hollows and consuming them. Eventually he stumbled upon a group of hollows with the same purpose and due to his peerless strength, became their unwilling new leader.

espada number six grimmjow pantera sword zanpakutou released
Grimmjow's zanpakutou Pantera translates "panther" for Spanish but in Japanese denotes "panther king". To release Pantera's power, Grimmjow commands kishire or "grind". In his released state Grimmjow looks more like a were-panther, assuming the cat's features of jagged teeth, feline pointy ears, clawed hands, and a long tail. His speed and agility is greatly enhanced in this state. His roar alone creates shockwaves in the air and he has the ability to shoot 5 lethal darts from his elbow. Grimmjow's ultimate technique is called Desgarron or "laceration" in Spanish which projects energy claws at an opponent.

espada number six grimmjow pantera sword replica zanpakutou 247swords hilt
The Grimmjow Pantera Sword replica is a marvelous piece of work. The decorative sword has an overall length of 41", blade length 27" and handle length 11". The blade is made of 440 Stainless Steel. The striking feature of this sword replica is its metallic tsuba (cross-guard) which assumes the unique shape of a crooked "S".

espada number six grimmjow pantera sword replica zanpakutou 247swords
The tsuka (handle) is wrapped with blue nylon cord and at the hilt end is the copper kashira (pommel). The sword replica comes in a scabbard made of solid wood and painted in blue. The sageo (cord) tied to the scabbard is in darker blue. You can purchase the Grimmjow Pantera Sword replica from 247 Swords.

Grimmjow Pantera Sword Replica - Bleach

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