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Kurosaki Ichigo Sword Replica Zangetsu - Bleach

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Kurosaki Ichigo is the main lead of Bleach but lately I feel his character is overshadowed by the presence of other cooler shingami and espada as the story advanced. If the much-awaited Vasto Lorde were to make their appearance that would really hurt his popularity. Maybe this post can help Ichigo boost his votes.

Before we feature the Ichigo Sword Replica from TopSwords, a quick description : Ichigo's zanpakutou is called Zangetsu which translates "moon cutter". Unlike other zanpakutou, Zangetsu is always in shikai form which is a huge long cleaver (a butcher's dream come true). The sword doesn’t have a cross-guard (hey it’s an oversized cleaver) and the handle is actually the full-tang of the sword wrapped in white bandage cloth. Only in animes can you get a thin-tang that supports a huge blade without fail.

bleach zanpakutou zangetsu kurosaki ichigo sword replica cleaver shikai awaken zangetsu
The cloth originally wraps the whole blade when not in battle, kind of like a scabbard. When Ichigo wield Zangetsu for a fight, the cloth mystically unveils the huge blade and shortens to just a meter or two overhanging from the handle end. Zangetsu has the ability to strike an energy blast in the shape of a crescent moon called Getsuga Tensho or "moon-fang piercer of heavens". The energy blast is blue in shikai state and black in bankai state.

bleach zanpakutou kurosaki ichigo sword replica cleaver shikai awaken topswords
Bleach fans will be keen to have their own Ichigo Ichigo Sword Replica Zangetsu from TopSwords. It is made of 440 Stainless Steel with a full-tang construction. The blade has 2 tones of colour – one black and the other polished steel. White cloth wraps the handle with a short excess overhanging from the hilt-end just like in the anime. The sword replica also comes with a leather sheath.

The Ichigo Sword Replica Zangetsu is not exactly the same size as that in the anime. I guess if it was, the cleaver would be one heck of a sword to wield – too much weight and unbalanced. The sword would wield you, not the other way around. Also the tang would probably fail after a few swings.

Some customers feedback that the cloth grip comes off after some time which is quite common in many decorative swords in the lower price range. So buyers just need to avoid abusive force on the grip. You may also want to be careful when sheathing the sword since the scabbard is made of leather and not wood.

If safety is your concern, there is always the wooden Zangetsu sword from 247Swords. It has an overall length of 52” and blade length of 40”. There’s also the 2 tone colours applied to the blade – black and silver.

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Kurosaki Ichigo Sword Replica Zangetsu - Bleach

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I own this sword and am wondering which type of wall mount would be the most stable and effective in showcasing it.

  2. Yondaime Says:

    It's pretty difficult to find the right wall mount for big cleaver swords. I'd suggest a Vertical Single Sword Floor Stand or Large Vertical Sword Hanger. But the sword should be placed inside a sheath to prevent damage to the steel blade.