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300 Spartan Movie Sword Replica

King Leonidas 300 spartan sword replica
Initially I expected 300 to be just another copy of Troy but boy was I wrong. Zack Snyder did a remarkable job in this visually stunning and innovative epic unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed and enhanced with the use of stop-motion to capture breathtaking battle moments. Most women though tend to agree the main aesthetic in the film was nearly naked men with 6-pack abs building walls and engaging in testosterone-driven onslaughts.

300 spartan sword
300 is a fantasy tale based on the real Battle of Thermopylae (pronounced ther-mo-pih-lee). Thermopílai in Greek it means ‘hot gates’ because of the hot springs in the area. The Battle of Thermopylae took place over a period of 3 days in mid-August 480 BC although the exact dates are unknown.

What’s definitely known is the 300 Spartan Movie Sword replica used by King Leonidas and his men bears no resemblance to the actual artifact itself. Still the sword’s shape and design was brilliant as many fans would agree. The unique blade is stunning and in the movie its metal surface was weathered rather than polished shine. Good call.

Deluxe King Leonidas 300 spartan sword replica
The 300 Spartan Movie Sword replica featured in this post is the brawny Deluxe King Leonidas Spartan Movie Sword from TrueSwords. It’s almost as what you see in the movie, only difference is the handle grip wrapped in brown and the pommel doesn’t extend as long (movie snapshow below).

300 spartan sword sheath
The blade length is 26” while the overall length is 34”. The full-tang blade is made of carbon steel with a sharpened edge so take caution. A deluxe brown sheath with belt strap is included in the package although it was dirty black in the film (that can be easily taken care of I’m sure). Take care when placing the sword back into the sheath as its sharp point may pierce through. You might also want to be careful with the handle grip. It tends to come off under heavy swinging.

Overall the feedback and reviews from customers who bought the 300 Spartan Movie Sword replica are encouraging. So if you’re planning to get one, this is a highly recommended piece and you can place your order with True Swords.If no stocks are available, you can alternatively purchase the 300 Spartan Movie Sword replica from Hanzo Steelwhich has black cloth grip but without the sheath.

And no King Leonidas would be complete without his trusted shield. The Life-Size Spartan Shield Replicais 24" in diameter, made of Cast Aluminum with Rubberized Backing. It has a thick wooden handle for increased durability and an adjustable nylon strap for fitting. The awesome paint finish has it look like battle worn.

300 Spartan Movie Sword Replica

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