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Demon Hattori Hanzo Movie Sword Replica - Kill Bill

functional kill bill demon sword hattori hanzo sword replica
Now that you know the different types of swords and the basic terms used in a Katana, it’s time to put this knowledge to use (finally!). What better sword to start with than the Kill Bill Hattori Hanzo Sword also fondly known as Bill’s Demon Sword. This awesome and accurate movie sword replica from Musashi as shown above is a fine piece of work. The Hattori Hanzo sword is made of high-carbon steel and fully functional so you’ll need to be extra careful with the sharp edge.

If you unsheathe the sword from the hardwood Saya (scabbard), you’ll see an engraved Demon Emblem on one side of the blade. How cool is that? The blade is 27.5” long while the overall length is 40”. Good info to check if you got the room space for worship. The Demon Hattori Hanzo movie sword replica has a Kissaki (point) of Chu type which is medium in length.

kill bill demon sword hattori hanzo sword
Full-tang design keeps the blade and the handle firmly together under abusive force during practical use. However I wouldn’t recommend risking it on cutting hard objects. Although very tempting, resist from touching the blade directly because the acid from your skin can corrode the carbon steel over time. A strict no-no. It’s more forgivable if the blade was stainless steel.

The black Saya (scabbard) comes in a glossy lacquered finish with another Demon Emblem engraved at the center. A sycamore leaf emblem is also engraved between the Koiguchi (scabbard mouth) and Kurikata (loop for cord), hand-painted in gold. Initially I thought I saw the maple-leaf emblem of Canada.

The Tsuba (guard) is made of copper while cotton cord wraps the hardwood Tsuka (handle). The Kashira (pommel) has an intricate design silver in colour and all the fittings are metal.

You can dismantle the Demon Hattori Hanzo sword replica to reveal the full-tang but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what you are doing. Also frequent dismantling and reassembling exerts wear and tear to the fittings making them loose over time.

kill bill demon sword hattori hanzo sword fight bride
Musashi is relatively a newcomer in the sword manufacturing business but is aggressively making their presence felt, recognized to become one of the most reliable and reputable producer of budget Japanese swords. For the low price tags, the quality of Musashi functional swords are commendable which is a good combination for entry level enthusiasts. Most of their budget sword selections are in the $50-$149 range. If you have difficulty following some of the Japanese sword terms above, refer to this previous post on Japanese Katana Terminology.

Before you decide to buy a functional sword, it's best to think it over thoroughly. Keeping a sharp long blade that potentially severe a limb (or two) is a huge responsibility especially if you have kids in the house. A real katana looks much less threatening than a firearm, but in reality it's the next lethal weapon. Frankly I'd suggest you buy a functional katana as if you're buying a real gun.

functional kill bill demon sword hattori hanzo sword replica hanzo steel
At the time of this post, there were no stocks available at the merchant. Alternatively you can consider the Handmade Kill Bill Demon Movie Sword from Hanzo Steelwhich received encouraging feedback from previous customers.

Demon Hattori Hanzo Movie Sword Replica - Kill Bill

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