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High Elven Sword - Lord of the Rings Movie Replica

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Looking at the image I just realized something - unlike the Spartans, the elves are armoured from head to toe. Spartans protect only the most important part of their body and it’s definitely not the abs since they have to radiate all 6 packs in battle for that psychological effect on the enemies. The Spartans put everything else at risk including their manhood but not their heads. Persians, you can slice and dice anywhere you want but keep your hands off the pretty face. But what about the elves?

Elves are the high society aristocrats in ancient times. They are skilled riders and expert archers too. I can’t imagine the handicap they would have if golf existed back then. The male elves are very much like the metrosexuals of Middle-Earth in today’s context. They must have put great effort and painstaking hours to get that long silky smooth hair and fair soft skin. After all that investment, it’s a small price to pay to wear restricting full-body armour to protect these timeless assets from the blood and dirt of filthy orcs, not forgetting the sun’s merciless UV rays.

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Enough said, the elven sword has to represent those genteel values and are thus forged long and elegant. The Lord of the Rings High Elven Movie Sword has an exceptionally long grip designed to enhance the elves’ sword dancing skill which involves a lot of whirling strikes. For the sheer size of the sword, the blade groove takes off some of the weight without sacrificing its strength.

From blade tip to pommel, the High Elven Movie Sword replica is forged in a seamless smooth curve. Produced by United Cutlery, this elegant elven warrior sword has an overall length of 49.75” and blade length of 24.125”. The blade is made of tempered 420 J2 stainless steel with a false-edge while the handle is made of solid metal parts with simulated-leather grip. There doesn’t seem to be a cross-guard in the design. Obviously a 2 handed sword, the elven sword packs quite a punch looking at the long grip which adds versatility to manipulating the sword. United Cutlery reproduce the movie sword with a display plaque measuring 23”x9”x0.75” made of wood with silk-screened design. A certificate of authenticity is included as with all United Cutlery products as proof of genuine make and quality.

At the time of this post, the best price I could find was at Amazon. If no stocks are available, alternatively you can also purchase it at eBladestore.

High Elven Sword - Lord of the Rings Movie Replica

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