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Japanese Katana Vs Hand Gun

This video is one cool showdown you don't wanna miss – Japanese Katana Vs Hand Gun. The MythBusters gotta check this myth out!! The demo is allegedly recorded at L.A. Gun Club’s indoor rifle range. Mr. Oda the owner of the Katana brought his sword to the gun club all the way from Japan to test if its sharp blade can slice through a speeding bullet (looks like a 9mm). I’ve only seen this in anime and manga, never on real TV documentaries.

They setup the Katana vertically in the middle of the shooting range with the Ha (sharp edge) facing the gun. Behind the Katana is a large piece of paper screen used to determine where the bullet shoots through. Check out how many holes appeared after the demo.

It looked real and since it was a Japanese documentary I guess it's genuine. At the end of the clip the Katana came out unscathed, its surface only stained by the bullet's metal residue. Guess Mr. Oda can rightfully claim “I told you, my sword Rules!!”

Japanese Katana Vs Hand Gun

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