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Kill Bill Bride Movie Sword Replica

functional kill bill samurai sword replica
The functional Kill Bill Bride movie sword replica is similar to the Demon Hattori Hanzo Functional Movie Sword.The difference lies in the Lion Emblem engraved on the blade instead of the Demon Emblem. Also at the center of the Saya (scabbard), the Demon Emblem is replaced by another design hand-painted in gold.

As with the post on Demon Hattori Hanzo Functional Movie Sword, a friendly word of caution - before you decide to buy a functional sword it's best to think it over thoroughly. Keeping a sharp long blade that potentially severe a limb (or two) is a huge responsibility especially if you have kids in the house. A real katana looks much less threatening than a firearm, but in reality it's the next lethal weapon. Frankly I'd suggest you buy a functional katana as if you're buying a real gun.

uma thurman bride kill bill samurai sword
When I first started surfing for functional swords on the net, I found many merchant sites do not caution customers on the responsibility and potential danger of owning these swords. So think it through, make sure you know what you're doing. If in doubt it's still satisfying to settle for a decorative sword replica with rebated (dull) edge, plus you'll sleep better at night.

At the time of this post, there were no stocks available at the merchant. Alternatively you can consider the Handmade Kill Bill Bride Movie Sword Full Tang from Hanzo Steel.

Kill Bill Bride Movie Sword Replica

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