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Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber Replica

Star Wars Darth VaderDarth Vader's image was first created by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie when he drew the opening movie scene of Vader and his stormtroopers boarding a Rebel ship. Initially, Vader was imagined to fly through space to enter the ship which calls for a space suit with breathing mask. This suit was later made permanent and used throughout the film. The popular sound of Vader breathing through the mask was created by sound designer Ben Burtt, who recorded himself breathing through a scuba regulator. Darth Vader's costume draws from George Lucas' interest in feudal Japan, especially the samurai warriors. Vader's mask helmet on the other hand was taken from World War I German helmet widely known as the "Stahlhelm".

Star Wars Darth Vader FX Lightsaber Replica
Ever thought of joining the Dark Side? With the Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber Replica,anyone will easily succumb to the Sith. This lightsaber replica features the same durable die-cast metal parts as the Master Replicas Yoda Force FX Lightsaber. It has a sturdy red polycarbonate blade which is permanently attached to the hilt and features realistic power-up and power-down glowing light effects (rather than the whole blade lighting up at once). When you toggle the activation switch, the blade's light light travels from the guard to the tip, thanks to the 60+ Strobe LED light tube.

Star Wars Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber Replica
Batteries are not included, so you'll have to source three 'AA' on your own. Have them ready beforehand cause the Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber Replica comes with authentic digitally-recorded and motion-sensor-controlled sound effects that will give you goose-bumps. The same electrifying sound you heard from the silverscreen is built into the lightsaber to replicate power-up, power-down, idling, movement and saber clashing effects.

Star Wars Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber Replica handleThe Vader lightsaber replica also has an auto-off feature that saves battery life. Leave it for a few minutes and it automatically switches off. Overall the feedback from customers who bought the lightsaber have been overwhelming. It is durable, well-made and nicely detailed especially the chrome handle. I cannot imagine what future models will look like. Hopefully we'll all able to see the real thing in this lifetime.

Darth Vader Episode V FX Lightsaber Replica

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  1. kyanmay Says:

    never seen any of those but recently my friend got a 500 watt laser light that can shoot up to 100km fr thailand...and also cut/burn paper...something like a light saber =P

    well, i'm so forgetful that i don't even remember it happen. but if someone reminds me about it, i might be furious =D

  2. Swordfinder Says:

    that doesn't sound like a sword, more like a WMD :)

    if red's not ur colour, maybe this one is :

    Master Yoda Lightsaber Replica

  3. Jen C. Says:

    Gosh I see this sword on TV a lot.

    -Nurse Jen Doll
    Your Daily Reality Nursing