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Heroes Takezo Kensei Movie Sword Replica

Heroes Hiro Nakamura with Takezo Kensei sword
In NBC sci-fi series HEROES, Adam Monroe is the same Takezo Kensei from feudal Japan who has the ability to regenerate his body making him almost immortal. He's like the Highlander MacLeod hybrid minus the Scottish accent and kilt. In Japanese history, Takezo Kensei is actually a revered hero - the word "Kensei" is a title which literally means "Sword Saint". Takezo Kensei lived his life as a swordsman who fought dozens of battles to protect the people of Japan and their freedom. In the TV hit series, Hiro Nakamura came to idolize Takezo from bedtime stories read by his father when he was a child.

Heroes Adam Monroe with Takezo Kensei sword
Legend has it at a time when Japan was facing the threat of an impending war, Takezo found a sword frozen in the snow with mystical powers that helped him focus his strength and courage. To learn more of the sword's secrets and save Japan, he went to meet the Dragon of Kiso Mountain and asked for his help. The Dragon agreed but only in exchange for the love of his life. Takezo was deeply in love with a princess but he knew Japan would fall if he did not make this sacrifice. He finally agreed and the Dragon taught him everything he needed to know. With the knowledge and skills learned, Takezo became Kensei - a sword saint and won a great battle which saved the people of Japan.

Takezo Kensei fight Hiro Nakamura sword
After the battle, the Dragon came to Kensei’s palace to claim his prize but Kensei refused to surrender the princess. Instead he cut out his own heart, handed it to the Dragon and said, “My love is in here. Take it.” And then he died. The Dragon was deeply moved to see that Kensei was willing to sacrifice himself for his people and his true love. Impressed with Kensei's true and righteous virtue, the Dragon revived Kensei’s heart and breathed fire-life back into his corpse. Given a second chance, the Takezo dynasty went on to rule Japan with valor and love for a hundred years. Pretty nice folklore if I may say so.

Heroes Takezo Kensei Sword Replica United Cutlery
There is a licensed reproduction of the HEROES Takezo Kensei Movie Sword Replica by United Cutlery. The sword reproduction is meticulously detailed and crafted with tempered, hand-forged high-carbon blade just like the actual TV prop. This stunning sword has an overall length of 42" and blade length of 28.5". It features a genuine leather wrapped handle, genuine rayskin covered grip, and solid brass helix ornaments. The widely-known emblem is inscribed onto the handle in gold. The movie sword includes a wooden shoulder scabbard and display stand. This adult collectable sword is individually laser serialized to ensure authenticity. Last checked, the sword was on 54% discount and avid collectors will know this is a bargain considering UC products are known to be pricey. Now you can save the world and your wallet at the same time.

Heroes Takezo Kensei Sword Replica Heavenly swords
If there are no stocks available or you prefer a cheaper alternative, check out the HEROES Takezo Kensei Movie Sword Replica from Heavenlyswords. Last checked, it was below USD100.

Heroes Takezo Kensei Movie Sword Replica

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