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Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica (Sakabato)

Rurouni Kenshin Himura Hitokiri Battousai poster
Kenshin Himura is the popular character from the Rurouni Kenshin manga series created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. Watsuki designed Kenshin to be the physical opposite of Hiko Seijuro, a character that appeared in his first one-shot manga - 'Crescent Moon in the Warring States'. Seijuro was later introduced into Rurouni Kenshin as Kenshin's mentor and master.

Rurouni Kenshin Himura Hitokiri Battousai fight
The manga setting takes place during the early Meiji period in Japan. Kenshin Himura is a legendary assassin known as 'Hitokiri Battosai' or 'Battosai the Slayer'. At the end of the Bakumatsu, he became a wandering samurai, wielding a Sakabato. The term Sakabato literally means 'reverse blade sword' which is a unique type of Japanese sword. The normal Japanese Katana favoured by the samurai has the outwardly-curved side of the blade sharpened, the Sakabato is sharpened on the opposite inwardly-curved side. This is why it is known as a reverse blade sword. It is non-lethal until it's turned over. Although many Sakabato replicas have been reproduced, it is purely a brainchild of Nobuhiro Watsuki and no such sword has ever been recorded in history.

Rurouni Kenshin Himura Hitokiri Battousai Sakabato
A fan of the Shinsengumi, Watsuki designed the characters based on real Shinsengumi members and other historical icons from the Bakumatsu period. In actual Japanese history, the Four Hitokiri of the Bakumatsu (Bakumatsu Shidai Hitokiri) was a term given to four samurai during the Bakumatsu era. The four samurai were Kawakami Gensai, Kirino Toshiaki (also known as Nakamura Hanjiro), Tanaka Shinbei, and Okada Izo. Kenshin Himura's character was loosely taken from Kawakami Gensai. The four samurai were warrior elites who opposed the Tokugawa shogunate and later supported the Meiji Emperor. Along with the title of Hitokiri, they were also called 'The Four Butchers' (Shidai Nikuya) or 'Heaven's Punishment against enemies of Imperial restoration' (Teikoku Fukki no Teki ni Taisuru Tenchu).

Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica Sakabato SwordDemon
The first sword replica featured here is the functional version. The elegant Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword replica (Sakabato) from SwordDemon is constructed from one fine piece of high-carbon steel and buffed to a low polish finish. The Sakabato sword replica has an overall closed length of 40.75", overall opened length 39.25", blade length 27.5" and blade thickness 0.3". If you've always wondered what a reverse blade look like, check out the image below. Isn't that a sight for sore eyes? Unlike a conventional Katana, the reverse blade has its sharp edge on the inside-curve of the blade, which in the image is the top edge with a visible Hamon (temper pattern). Due to the razor-sharp edge, this sword should not be used by children and caution is highly recommended.

Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica Sakabato SwordDemon
The outward-curve of the full tang blade is blunt, shown in the image as the bottom edge. You can see the bottom edge has a wide Shinogi (blade ridge) decorated with an even deep Hi (groove). Notice the entirely different Kissaki (blade point) at the blade tip. The Tsuba (guard) has a simple and elegant round design, just like the anime. The Tsuka (handle) has been created with traditional Samurai components and uses authentic Same (rayskin cover for Tsuka) with a real Ito (braid) wrapped cloth handle. With the antiqued Fuchi (collar on hilt) and Kashira (pommel), the full tang Sakabato makes a stunning addition to your Katana collection. You don't see a reverse blade sword everyday right?

Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica Sakabato SwordDemon
The sword has been reproduced under the specifications of the Rurouni Kenshin anime series' and mangas. Included with the Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword replica (Sakabato) is a black cotton sword bag and wooden Saya (scabbard) coated with a high-gloss black finish. Last checked, the Sakabato sword replica was on 49% discount, a bargain for Kenshin fans.

Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica Sakabato RoyalArm
If you are looking for a decorative sword, then the 40" Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica (Sakabato) from RoyalArm is a good choice. The sword replica has an overall length of 40", handle length 10.5" and blade length 27.5". The blade is made of 440 Stainless Steel with a slightly sharpened edge. The Saya (scabbard) is lacquered in glossy black paint and stamped with a golden Japanese Kanji. Both guard and pommel have an antique silver finish.

Rurouni Kenshin Reverse Blade Sword Replica (Sakabato)

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  1. Jen C. Says:

    Very nice. I want a katana, actually, but I don't know how my bf would respond to having that in the house lol I guess I should go ask.

    By the way, I added your link to my site under blogroll. Check to see if it's right then get back to me =) Thanks!

    -Nurse Jen Doll

  2. Swordfinder Says:

    Get the katana coz ur bf will treat u better (for fear or admiration, either way works ^_^)

    Thks for the link. It looks great!

  3. nice page. have a great day ahead!

  4. Swordfinder Says:

    The one from SwordDemon is real. It's easy to differentiate a real sword from a decorative sword.
    Functional swords (the real thing) are normally made of high-carbon steel and frequently oiled cause they corrode easily. Decorative swords (the one you hang on the wall) on the other hand are made of stainless steel and some can be factory-sharpened. They are more resistant to corrosion but break easily under heavy-force use.

  5. lankapo Says:

    this is my all time favorite anime. Kenshin Himura, Battousai ..Hitten Misgruyuu, Riyo Cho Sin ...kebabommmm

    sorry got excited. sadly the kenshin dies..

    How much for the Sakabato

  6. Swordfinder Says:

    haha sorry to disappoint u lankapo, kenshin didn't die (at least from the manga). he settled down with kaoru and had a son too. only his skills were gone coz the mitsurugi style techniques took a toll on his body. he later passed down his sakabato to yahiko.

    the real sakabato sword costs bout USD90 the last I checked. Link as below :

    the decorative sakabato should be about USD70 but no stocks left. Hot item! Link below :