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Halo Energy Sword Replica

Duel Halo Energy Sword
The Halo Energy Sword replica from the infamous console game Halo is one futuristic looking sword. Personally I'd rather call it a dagger but democracy means follow the majority. I was at an electronic store when I saw the Halo 3 video preview, and it was awesome. Really trying hard not to get that console cause I was once a PC Game addict. Still fresh in my mind are the 4 hours sleep days everytime a great game was launched, though having a day job which sometimes stretched late into the night didn't do much to stop me.

Halo Energy Sword
Since I'm not a Halo addict (yet), I dug for more info on the sword. Learned some old science along the way and refueled my games addiction even more. The Halo Energy Sword which is also known as the Plasma Sword is a close-quarter Sangheili melee weapon. It is mainly used by Zealot Sangheili in Halo 2 although Special Operations Elites have also been known to employ it in close-quarter combat. The Energy Sword is also one of the main weapons favoured by the Arbiter, whose race helped create the weapon.

Halo Energy Sword - Halo 3
The Energy Sword's plasma is conveniently shaped into a blade-like form by a magnetic-field generator built into the weapon's handle. The blade has two points due to the magnetic properties of the weapon where two poles need two points (bet you don't learn these from a light-saber). The hot energy of the blade can cut through most armor, so it's no surprise to cut an opponent in half with one sweep.

Halo Energy Sword hilt
In Halo : Combat Evolved, if the Elite drops the Energy Sword, a fail-safe mechanism triggers and deactivates the magnetic field without dispensing the plasma, consuming the handle and thus destroying the weapon. In Halo 2, a similar fail-safe feature is active when not wielding the weapon directly. The handle must be under constant pressure from the wielder in order to be activated so that the weapon can be stored safely.

Halo Energy Sword Replica from Grey Eagle
The unique Halo Energy Sword replica from GreyEagle is a twin Stainless Steel Blade coated with titanium plating to give it a rainbow finish electric look. The rainbow color reflecting off the blade is claimed to vary with the angle of light. Pretty cool idea to mimic the Plasma look, I guess it's something like the holographic sticker on my sedan's oil filter (supposedly prove it's not some cheap filter from Taiwan). I did come across a less pricey replica which received bad feedback from a buyer who complained the rainbow colour staying the same even if the sword was upside-down. In my opinion even if the rainbow thing is there initially, I wouldn't count on the shine to last forever. The Energy Sword replica from GreyEagle has an overall length of 27.5" and handle width of 10". The handle is made using custom-molded gray plastic and can be hung on a hardwood plaque that comes with the sword replica. It's a nice looking piece but if they could make the blade near the handle wider and bigger, it would look more like a sword.

Halo Energy Sword Replica

2 Responses
  1. Jen C. Says:

    Do the swords you sell really glow like that? I'm wondering. I'm thinking of having a real sword on my next photoshoot for my myspace profile lol

    -Nurse Jen Doll

  2. Swordfinder Says:

    Actually I don't sell the sword, they come from sword merchants on the net. The Halo Energy sword is different, it's got the titanium plating for that rainbow plasma look to replicate the game design. Real functional swords do shine but they have to be frequently oiled and cared for. It's a big responsibility to have a real sword in the house, coz it can severe limbs if you're not careful.

    My recommendation if you just want a sword for decoration purpose, get a stainless steel type. For example, check out Tom cruise's Last Samurai katana (link below). For the price they're selling, it's worth it. Since u're from the US, i guess it's still legal to post ur photo on myspace unlike the poor guy from UK.